Peter Dyreborg & Co. is a poetry slam and spoken word event organizer as well as a booking agency.

If you wish to book a performer, want to invite us for a collaboration project or want to get invited and booked by us, either as a poetry slammer in the competition or a feature performer outside of the competition, please read more below.

You are welcome to contact us by e-mail in either Danish, Swedish, Norwegian or English.


Book one or more of our performers
Whether you want to book a performer for either a show in Denmark or a show in another country, we represent the best poetry slammers and spoken word performers.

Peter Dyreborg himself has more than 18 years of experience as a spoken word performer, and he is former national champion in poetry slam. Most of our performers have won national or regional championships, and have several years of experience, and we offer shows in almost every possible variation. The majority of our performers use either Danish or English in their performances.

At our Danish booking site you are able to find detailed info (in Danish) about our various performers, but do not hesitate to contact us regarding an offer. Again, we will be able to do almost any kind of show you can think of.

Some of our performers qualify for funding, and if you want info on funding possibilities from The Danish Arts Foundation or other, we can assist you.


Invite us for a collaboration project
Peter Dyreborg & Co. have numerous collaboration projects with organizers in other countries, especially the Nordic Countries and Germany, and we have a lot of experience.

We know all the people within out field in Denmark, but we also have an extensive international network among both performers, organizers, institutions etc.

If you wish to collaborate with us, or you have an idea or a project that you want to discuss, either in Denmark or internationally, please contact us. And again: We also know a lot about funding possibilities.


Get invited and booked by us
Expat Poetry Slam are shows in 100% English, and at these events, we only allow performances where the majority of the content is in English. The line up is a mix of poetry slammers signed up for the slam competition, and specially invited slammers in the competition as well as feature performers outside of the competition, all coming from both Denmark and other countries.

If you want to sign up for and enter Expat Poetry Slam in the slam competition as a poetry slammer, please go to Info for poetry slammers.

The performers whom we invite and book ourselves are usually already part of our existing network. They are usually professional performers, national or international champions and/or awarded, and with 5 to 10 years or more of stage experience. These performers can take part both as poetry slammers in the competition or special features outside of the competition.

Even though we know or have heard of everyone within our field, we know that we don’t know everyone. Therefore, if you want to get invited and booked by us, you’re more than welcome to send us an e-mail including a short CV, publication list and recommendations. And then we’ll get back to you.

Please note that we very rarely book musical acts, and this goes for spoken word in combination with music as well. Our main focus is poetry slam and spoken word, defined as oral literature (and without music).

The performers we invite and book ourselves get fees and/or paid travel/accommodation. All payments are made by bank transfer, not cash.

Besides Expat Poetry Slam, most of our other shows and events are in Danish and with Danish speaking performers. At these events, we rarely book performers to perform in another language than Danish, but once in a while, it occurs. You can find more info at our Danish site at