Dates and tickets

Our shows at Valby Culture House (in Danish: Valby Kulturhus) are often sold out. And therefore we recommend that you buy your ticket in advance. Advance tickets are also cheaper.

Advance ticket 50 DKK.
Student discount, advance ticket 35 DKK.
All tickets sold at the door 100 DKK.

The address is Valby Kulturhus (the theater hall), Valgårdsvej 4-8, 2500 Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark – for map click here. Drinks and food at Café Mæt (same address). Wheelchair accessible, but no separate handicap bathroom. Nearby S-train and bus station is Valby st., and several busses also go to the nearby busstop at Toftegårds Plads.

All shows start on time, so please arrive 15 minutes prior to the scheduled time.


Our English speaking spring season for 2018 is over, but in August we’ll release more dates for our shows in the season for 2018 and 2019. In the meantime, join our newsletter.


We also have events in Danish in Copenhagen at The Royal Danish Theatre’s playhouse (in Danish: Skuespilhuset) and Valby Culture House. You can get info in Danish at